Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Voters Send Mike Long's Cronies Packing - Jubelier Brightbill and Zug bite the big one - Yahoo! News

Voters Send Incumbents Packing - Yahoo! News: "Voters Send Incumbents Packing Wed May 17, 1:11 AM ET

Voters sent a very clear message to their lawmakers Tuesday, one that left incumbents tasting bitter defeat in a historic day at the polls.

It appears the pay raise of 2005 played a role in the defeat of major state Senate leaders, including Senate majority leader David Brightbill and Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer.

Pay Raise Payback

In the Susquehanna Valley, only one lawmaker who voted for the pay raise survived the primary election, Rep. Adam Harris, of Adams County.

Sen. Brightbill, of Lebanon County, Rep. Stephen Maitland, of Adams and Franklin counties, Rep. Roy Baldwin, of Lancaster County, Rep. Pete Zug, of Lebanon County and Rep. Patrick Fleagle, of Franklin County all voted for the pay raise, and all were defeated Tuesday.

Rep. Gibson Armstrong of Lancaster County was also defeated. Although he didn't vote for the pay raise, critics pointed out that he did vote for the rules change that allowed the vote to happen."

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