Thursday, November 10, 2005

Susan From Moon backs Cult Member Bill Scranton -

Substance vs. excitement? - "Substance vs. excitement?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005
I have to disagree with Dimitri Vassilaros on this one ("Scranton must do better than this," Oct. 30 and
Vassilaros states that Bill Scranton, Republican candidate for governor in 2006, is not yet exciting the voters, in part because he had not been spotted on the streets of Harrisburg actively harassing the Legislature over its inexcusable pay-raising behavior.

On the contrary, Scranton may be the most exciting candidate in this race, if you value someone who is serious about effecting change in the political culture of Harrisburg and returning the state to a respectable economic position.

That Scranton hasn't sought photo ops with our hardworking inflatable pink pig actually confirms him as a candidate of substance.

Instead he has taken the time to craft an agenda that identifies the state's key issues, including the pay raise, and has been on the road speaking, articulating the need for an honest, open, accountable, lean government focused on sensible methods of advancing the state that don't involve our pocketbooks at every turn.

In doing so, he is looking every bit the intelligent, responsive and resourceful leader this state so desperately needs. I would define that as exciting.

Let the voters and the newly formed coalitions for change continue pressing the point with the current state governing body. (It's obviously working.) Then let us choose a leader who will be our ally from the governor's office.

Susan Farrington

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